Sounds of the City

So it has been well over a month since I wrote about what I have been seeing through my eyes. I have been busy studying, turned a year old in terms of years, not been sleeping well again and writing my first article to get published here! January has gone by in a blur and I am now in my last week in Taipei. It has been a very interesting experience, but I wish to elaborate more on that in my final post here.

I was blessed to have lived in North London for the last four years as the music scene is so diverse and exciting. Through websites such as Resident Advisor and the social mediums of Twitter and Facebook, you can always find what you are looking for on the weekends. When I moved to Taipei I was curious as to why there seemed to be hardly any information about the music and nightlife. Was Taipei a city that did sleep as early as it appeared to? Unlike China with street food and raucous drinking at all hours, Taipei seemed to politely makes its excuses and retired to bed after the hour of midnight. I eventually came across one website had current events listings in Chinese and English, and interesting stories from its resident writers and readers. Taipei Trends. On a whim I emailed  to see if I could write an article. A meeting over evening coffee (need to get out of that habit!)with the website’s creator Chris, we discussed my ideas for articles. I had sent him my previous article I wrote about the first reggae and rave club in London that got published,  he liked my style and I was on the team!

I wanted my first piece to be something in depth, something that had not been written about yet. From what my Taiwanese fiends had told me, and from what I did manage to find on the internet, Taipei had an abundance of female DJ’s.  This intrigued me and led me to write a article about celebrating women behind the decks in Taipei.  I decided to start with a DJ who I had admired from some time, DJ Noodles. She has her mixing and scratching roots in hip hop, and is the only female finalist to date in the DMC world Championships. An amazing interview at her studio later, and a few nights out together, I had a great start to my piece. I then continued my interview series with constrasting female DJ’s; from JaJa Apple who describes herself not as a DJ but as a post feminist performer of noise; to DJ Crystal, a glamorous resident DJ in many of the top clubs. Each has their own unique story and take on being a DJ in Taipei.

So here is the part , 2 and 3  below with the three women. I met some inspiring DJs, awesome people, and realised that I have a deep passion for writing. To the next chapter.

螢幕快照 2015-01-12 下午8.13.25DJ Noodles

DJ Crystal Q

DJ Betty Apple


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