The holistic nature of yoga in the local community

What if,  within our local community,  we all donated some of our time and skills to those in need? Small or large actions, actions that show people you care. Actions that can give people their own skills to empower themselves.

A skill that I feel compelled to share and spread is yoga. Anyone can practise yoga and yoga can be practiced anywhere. All you need is a small space and a desire to listen to your body and mind.

Yoga has always been a deep part of my life and has helped me a lot in dark times.

My teacher in India, a wise and gentle woman, told me that as we gain knowledge of yoga, it is then our duty to share with with others. It is forever a yoga teacher’s mission to use this ancient life science to do good.

I was fortunate enough to win funding from PIVOT Soup. I presented my idea of teaching yoga to refugees at the Praxis Community Projects. These women had come from  wealth of traumatic experiences and I wanted to use the holistic nature  of yoga to give them something positive and empowering.

Back in London, the inspiration and funding from PIVOT Soup has enabled me to take time out of work and teach free classes for female refugees at Praxis Community Projects in Bethnal Green.

The first session went well and there was a mixture of ages, levels of English and abilities. Some in the class could not sit on the floor, some had trouble standing, but I adapted the class so everyone could join in. Spirits were high and much laughter was created. To see these women smile has made me even more determined to use my yoga skills to reach out in the community. The class importantly brought these women together with a shared experience of doing something new and good for themselves.

Now what next? Evolve Wellness Centre have generously donated mats. My plan now use this equipment and myself to reach out to other vulnerable groups or those who do not have the opportunity to join a yoga class. Even if people attend one class, they can then take what they have learnt away with them and practise yoga on their own.

Sometimes those wanting to help need the confidence to do so. And I thank PIVOT Soup and all those who came and listened to my idea. See you at the next PIVOT Soup!





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